Manage Your Projects, Tasks and Time Easier with Caliper Project Management

Caliper_4Caliper Project Management (PM) is a project management add-on for the Infor CRM v8 product suite. Caliper PM includes the following as part of the standard package: Infor CRM Web screens, Infor CRM Mobile, a Spotfire (Advanced Analytics) bundle and a KnowledgeSync event pack.


The application was designed to capture information about the following aspects of a project:  


The project module is the main module for Caliper PM. Time entry by the end user against the project is calculated (in real-time) mitigating the need to run reports to compare the estimated budget/effort to the actual.  Start dates, opportunities, tasks, attachments, notes/history, contacts, issues, risks, status updates, progress, change requests, journal entries and project timelines and milestones also can be viewed and tracked. 


The tasks module is another important module for Caliper PM. Tasks are units of work within the system, and make up the building blocks of projects.  A unique feature of Caliper PM is that a task does not need to be related to a project, as there is often the need to track time/estimates for smaller tasks that are not associated with any other project/task in the system.  In many other PM systems, the project manager must either enter a “default” project for which to assign these one-off tasks, or enter a project for the task, which adds no value but a lot of data entry.

Time entry

Most of the effort in creating Caliper PM was spent in on timesheet development. The design goal was to make a time entry system that is as easy to use as Microsoft Excel.   Timesheets are divided into 3 sections: projects/tasks assigned to the user; time tracking against administrative (i.e. non-project) categories; and read-only views of time logged against tickets (for those users who also use Infor CRMTM for customer service or support).  Users also have the ability to add time to a task on an ad-hoc basis even if the task isn't directly assigned to them.