Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft® Outlook® - It's CRM Your Way!

  • Real-time access to Infor CRM data while in Microsoft Outlook
  • View Infor CRM activities, history records, notes and your dashboards from within your Outlook inbox
  • Work right from Outlook
  • Create contacts, accounts, leads and tickets
  • When a lead, contact, account, or task is clicked on in Outlook, Infor CRM Xbar displays related CRM information, activities, opportunities, and more
  • Users can freely work with and modify Infor CRM information, take actions and makes updatesYou have the choice to work within Outlook via the Infor CRM Xbar or directly within the CRM system… it is your choice 


Download Infor CRM Xbar and supporting documents or Contact Us to learn how Xbar for Outlook can be put to work for your company.