The Right Information At The Right Time

KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-wide business activity monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business.


  • Offers the widest variety of alert methods of any application on the market

  • Embeds a reporting system that automates the process of form, document, and report delivery

  • Provides business intelligence that offers insight into past, current, and future business activities, enabling more intelligent business decisions for your organization

  • Clients are provided collections of pre-configured events for approximately 50 popular front- and back-office software applications

  • Monitor the content of incoming messages and submissions to determine who the content is coming from, what it’s about, and how it needs to be handled

  • Updates your business applications with an event’s details, such as a customer receiving an overdue invoice, and identifying next steps like scheduling a call for that customer’s salesperson