Easily Consolidate Duplicate Records With Paribus


Paribus identifies and accurately consolidates duplicate records within your database. Through de-duplication, consolidation and systems integration the intelligent matching of Paribus delivers clean data that provides increased efficiency and effectiveness  


  • Works on a wide variety of data sources

  • Enables direct data access – no need to export your data

  • Uses an independent control database for results analysis so you can review matches from your live data without changing it

  • Provides fully definable matching rules

  • Matches on multiple elements of data with individual settings

  • Easy control of fuzzy matching enables granular field level matching

  • Provides the ability to manage the matching process without requiring programming skills

  • Intuitive interface

  • Easy review and management of match results

  • Exports match information for use with other external applications for data import and de-duplication – or use custom plug-ins for in-place data merging.

  • Schedules heavy processing loads to be done when most convenient