Find Clients Easier With Proximity Search



Proximity Search for Infor CRM

Proximity Search v2.0 is an add-on for Infor CRM 8+ that allows users to find contacts and accounts within a specific distance of any geographic location in the United States — be it the user’s home, office, any top US city, or any zip code. Searches are fast—most executing in less than a second.


  • Searches can be executed against contacts or accounts based on distance, starting location, contact/account type, and the number of results desired

  • Works with Infor CRM Mobile 2.0 to help your sales team find their accounts via a point of interest when out in the field

  • Generates driving directions that can be customized to generate a visual map of their search without using third party products.

  • Built using the Infor CRM Application Architect, Proximity Search can be fully customized to meet extended business requirements

  • Automatically keeps the contacts and accounts in the system geocoded, so when new records are added or changes to existing records are made, the data is kept accurate