Discover Why Companies Are Using SugarCRM To Connect


SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships through an innovative,  and affordable CRM solution.  Sugar places the individual at the center of its solution, helping businesses transform the customer experience and enable highly personalized interactions that drive customer excellence and loyalty.

With four subscriptions available, Sugar® Professional™, Sugar® Enterprise™, and Sugar® Ultimate™, there is a solution to meet every need.


  • Newly introduced Sugar UX™ fuses the seamless simplicity, mobility, and social aspects of a consumer app with the business process optimization of conventional CRM

  • A modern interface allows employees to provide a consistent Sugar experience regardless of their access point or device—all within a single dashboard

  • Whether onsite, in the cloud, or On-Demand, Sugar offers the same level of functionality, customization and integration with third party systems and tools

  • Robust sales, marketing and support features, can be customized on the Sugar platform without hidden fees or forced upgrades to more costly editions