Experience The Powerful And Engaging Analytics Of Spotfire

Spotfire Analytics responds faster than BI and more flexibly than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in enterprise to easily analyze complex data, customize their discovery experience, and share their story. Spotfire Analytics delivers a unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience that is both powerful and intuitive.


  • Provides end users more control, which speeds "time to answers" while reducing typical bottlenecks

  • Patented visual interactivity allows anyone to dive into data and quickly emerge with answer, even to unanticipated questions

  • A single "free dimensional" analysis replaces hundreds of pre-canned reports and spreadsheets, providing flexibility to add new data and ask new questions

  • Delivers tailored functionality usually only found in custom or commercial applications, at a fraction of the cost and with dramatically improved ease-of-use

  • Blends models and predictive analytics from your brightest minds into an interactive user experience, increasing the confidence of every decision maker without subjecting them to the complexities of statistics

  • Publish any Spotfire application to the Web in a single click, allowing users anywhere in the business to simply open a web browser link and begin making better decisions